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The integration of science, music, and art have always fascinated me. In contrast to what most think, I find them equally creative. An artist uses colors on his/her palatte, the musician uses notes and chords, and the scientist uses mathematical equations. But it all comes down to the same thing: working towards being able to freely pick the color/note/equation that arises from the instantaneous moment of the creative impulse. Currently I'm trying to merge these worlds together but haven't quite figured out just how to do it yet!!


Cosmology & WMAP

Investigating a Spin-Synchronous Temperature variation (SST) by sun-rays scattering off the solar array on the spacecraft WMAP WMAP uses differential radiometers tuned to 20GHz - 100GHz, to process sky-signals from two back-to-back telescopes. The data is processed into full-sky pixelized maps by sub-dividing a sphere according to the HEALPix technique, consisting of ∼3.1 million data points, from where the Temperature Anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) can be analyzed, ΔT = δT/T(CMB). A full-sky simulation of the SST gives a full-sky map symmetric about the ecliptic plane, with SST peaks at latitudes β ≈ ± (25° to 35°). The TT-power spectrum from the SST, has the maximum amplitude at ℓ=2. The quadrupole of the SST is close to orthogonal to the Cosmological quadrupole, which has a lower ΔT than the expected expected value, but the SST is to weak to have any effect on the CMB quadrupole measured by WMAP. Analyzing the optical properties on the primary mirrors to determine which optical layer responds the most to the SST.
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Seyfert Galaxies

Studying uncorrected emission-line fluxes, luminosities, and luminosity functions of ~200 Seyfert Galaxies at low red shift Z = - 0.0001 to Z = 0.1848. Analyzing the spectroscopic properties in terms of the emission line fluxes over a range of Wavelengs from Infrared, Optical, Ultraviolet, and X-ray (2-10 keV) bands. Seeking to find a tighter correlation between the two types of Seyfert Galaxies in the Unification theory.

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NED Extra-Galactic Data Base


2004 Bachelor of Science - Astrophysics - UCLA.
2008 Master of Science - Physics - CSUN.

Science and Technology have always had my interest, and I was a kid that rather played with lego and eletric trains than dolls. When I returned to college I first studied at Santa Monica College, where I initially was a computer science major, but a visit to the Santa Monica College Astronomy Club changed that, and I switched major. In 2002 I transferred to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), from where I recieved a Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics Summer of 2004. In the fall of 2005 I began the Master's Program in Physics at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and recieved the M.S. fall 2008.


Bio & Education

I was born and raised in Sweden by parents who were great jazz enthusiasts, so I was musically influenced at an early age in this particular style. I began piano lessons at age 9, and voice studies in my teenage years. All through the 1980s and most of the 1990s I performed with various groups in jazz/pop/classical singing and theater. I have performed in Sweden, Italy, and in the United States and worked as a music instructor in piano and voice for over 10 years. Around 2000 I took a hiatus from music and went on to complete a B.S at UCLA, and a M.Sci at CSU Northridge. After I finished my masters I began my music practice again, and since then practically every week I've been participating in jazz jams, performed as a guest artist at musicians' performances, and been in showcases.
1994 Musician's Institute - Keyboard Program
1992 Musician's Institute - Vocal Program - Honors
1989 Ingesund's Folkhogskola - Theater/Performing Arts Program

Recent Performances

JAX Bar & Grill - Guest Appearance with the Karen Hernandez Trio

The Stage - Guest Apperance with Dave Hopkins

Colombo's Italian Steakhouse - Guest Apperance with Jimmy Spencer & Karen Hernadez

The Live Stage in Granada Hills - Two Vocal Showcases

Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill - Vocal Showcase

JAX Bar & Grill - Guest Appearance with Rick Blessing

Vitellos Downstairs - Guest Appearance with the Barry Mosley Trio

Leftcoast Wine Bar - Guest Appearance with the Barry Mosley Trio

Barone's - Guest Apperance with Jimmy Spencer & the Karen Hernandez Trio


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