Scientific & Creative Consulting

We provide scientific and mathemtical consulting for film makers and other crative professionals who need accurate detaials in their projects. For example, for films we can provide accurate mathematical equation related to the topic, access to data from Space Telescopes run by NASA and other world wide space agencies to be displayed on computer screens, have computer code run on Terminal screens, and print outs from professional refereed science journals.

For scientists and professional research groups we provide creative consulting to facilitate a more attractive way to communicate research topics with the public. Currently universities have begun to allow direct monetary contributions from the public via web portals, opening up other areas besides government and philantropical contributions, to generate funds. However, to access this so called 'crowd funding' your research page must look commercially attractive and must have a section/page where your research is written in layman's terms in a clear and concise, yet crative manner.

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Development & Design

We program and develope both static and dynamic websites and applications. Please note: We custom program your website/application, we do not use any of the common Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wordpress and Drupal. They are slow and easily hacked. We develope personal attractive, navigation, and mobile friendly web applications, and use social media and search engine friendly technology.

Static WebSite Development - i.e. where you, the client are not in control of updating your site - but we set set up a Facebook page/Instagram/Twitter etc. which you can use for your updates. Prices start at $275 for website with 4 Pages or 1 Page Scroll, Image Gallery (12 photos), Play Song-List (12 songs), 1 Video/YouTube link, Upto 5 Social Media connections, and a Contact Form. (example:

Dynamic WebSite Development - i.e. where you, the client are in control of updating your site. A typical package includes Dynamic Public 4 Pages same format as the Static Package, with separate Private Login and Guest Login. You can update photos, information, links, whenever you want. You choose to have certain information featured on the Public home page and separate on the Private Guest Page.

Shopping Engines - Whether we develop a static or a dynamic website for you, a shopping cart can be integrated. We can integate any shopping cart of your choice bu recommend EDWID. ECWID allows you to host upto 10 items free, if you have more than 10 intems displayed on your page they charge a monthly fee. ECWID is easily connected to facebook etc.

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Portfolio (Selected)

Musican: Jack LeCompte

Musican: Tony Terran

Photographer: Norden Photography

Research Group: The Galactic Center Group - UCLA

In Development: Onyx & Pearls - Catering Co.

Social Media & Promotion

It's very difficult these days to gain any recognition for a project/business without Social Media promotion and networking.

We use all of the main social media and microblogging platforms for businesses/promotion such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flickr. We use YouTube and Vimeo for video promotion, and music sharing platforms such as Soundcloud and Reverbnation.

Our basic Facebook business/fanpage is $75 (you provide banner, images, and bio), including a tutoring session how to use your page and how to advertise with facebook. The next package includes connecting Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you update your Facebook page it gets published on both Twitter and Instagram instantly, price: $150.

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Educational Services

ScienceMusicArt provides academic educational services in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engeneering, Mathematics).

Our academic clients are mostly High-school and College students. We assess where the student's weakness lie and build from there.

We also help with character preparation for actors if your character needs scientific knowledge, i.e. A Physics/Astronomt Research Professor etc.

Fees start at $40/hr - for a minimum of four sessions.

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