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ScienceMusicArt is a multi-dimensional Consulting & Development company.

We provide Scientific & Creative consulting for professional film-makers, musicians, artists, etc. to make their projects with a scientific influence, more realistic.

We assist Academic and professional scientists to communicate their documented research to the general public, and set up a 'Giving' portal on the website.

We help Creative Artists & Musicians, Scientists & Research Groups to share their creative and scientific concepts & products through a solid internet presence. We develop attractive, fast, and mobile friendly web applications, and use social media and search engine friendly technology.

Film Consutling - Science & Astronomy

ScienceMusicArt consulted on the independent feature film The Master of Pulprits. SMA provided accurate scientific equations, realistic astronomy releated set details, and helped with accurate scientific dialogue..

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Tony Terran : 40+ yrs of Music

Tony Terran was born in 1926 in Buffalo, New York. He is the last surviving member of the Desi Arnaz Orchestra from the I Love Lucy television show, which he joined in 1945 when Desi Arnaz was the musical director for Bob Hope's Orchestra. He has played with 'everyone' from Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to Madonna and Micheal Jackson and is considered a living legend among trumpet players and other musicians and entertainers.


The Galactic Center Group, UCLA

The Galactic Center Group's mission is to "Transforming our understanding of Black Holes and their role in the Universe with high resolution observations of the Center of our Galaxy!" They strive to share thier research through Scientific Discoveries, Pioneer new Technologies for telescopes, and share their knowledge with the public through Education & Outreach. The GCG is lead by astronomer Professor Andres Ghez who is the first woman to receive the prestigious Crafoord Prize.